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Avante Cherwell Retail Solution

A Retail Store Support Platform that provides a 360-degree view into Store Support

In today’s retail landscape, the smart use of the right store support platform has become one of the most powerful ways to deliver stronger services to your customers and adapt to the changing way in which they buy.

The IT department’s role is critical and strategic in adapting to new trends while maintaining control of costs and delivering a reliable environment to the business. It is essential that there is a full understanding of all the interactions between the stores and all the departments that interface with them.

Existing Challenge

Retail business face tough challenges when it comes to IT support. Proactively managing an IT environment that is often distributed geographically and with so many organizational touch points creates some unique challenges:

  • Navigating multiple silos of technology and processes that deposit support tickets into multiple system
  • Difficult to automate repetitive processes as personnel our using dispersant tools to track requests
  • Real-time central overview of IT assets is often not available
  • Many issues are detected and solved reactively, affecting business continuity
  • Difficult to provide IT management meaningful consolidated and centralized reports
  • Difficult to provide real-time information and reports to the store in a way that they can easily consume
  • Large amount of “open” trouble tickets
  • Many recurring tasks, are conducted manually and often reactively

Improve Now While Laying a Foundation for the Future

  • Provide a single view of all support-based interactions of stores both inside and outside of IT (i.e. facilities, audit etc…)
  • Ensure 100% availability and continuity of all IT assets and processes throughout your ecosystem: POS, peripherals, tablets, kiosks, etc.
  • Warrant and confirm performance related to Store Service Levels
  • Monitor geographically distributed stores
  • Provide a single-screen control system which easily allows for centralized reporting
  • Easily automate key processes such a new store setup to ensure that steps involved

Cherwell Service Management

Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) 5.0 delivers IT service management (ITSM), business and workforce enablement. The CSM platform, featuring truly codeless configuration and 11 ITIL®-verified processes, empowers IT teams to provide amazing service and go beyond ITSM. Choose your device with the CSM browser client, desktop client and native mobile applications for Android™ and iOS®. CSM’s interactive self-service portal offers your stores the convenience they expect. Rely on one of the highest availability cloud infrastructures in the industry, or deploy on premise – and switch anytime in a matter of hours. CSM has a flexible, straightforward licensing and pricing model puts you in control.

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