Complete IT monitoring, from user experiences to applications, servers, storage and network.

FireScope DDM (Discovery and Dependency Mapping)

The fastest path to modeling application and service dependencies.

  • Automated discovery of IT services and dependency mapping
  • Federation to Cherwell CMDB for accurate, easy service documentation
  • Passive network listening identifies change in real-time
  • Application dependency discovery, minus the effort

FireScope DDM + Cherwell

Enables Cherwell customers to achieve a highly accurate, service-aware CMDB.

  • Native integration with the Cherwell platform
  • FireScope DDM automatically populates and updates the Cherwell Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as services are deployed, modified, or retired
  • Provides a consistent and always up to date model of critical IT services

FireScope Stratis

Enterprise IT service monitoring has never been easier.

  • Cloud-based, enterprise scale IT service monitoring
  • Big Data driven advanced IT operations and predictive analytics
  • Single view of infrastructure and end-user performance
  • Real-time dashboards for everyone from the CIO to System Engineer


Looking to automatically identify the IT Services that your users are consuming? Take a look at FireScope!

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