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thinkitsm-300pxITSM Coach provides a suite of solutions that help plan, target, measure and report on Continual Service Improvement initiatives. Specifically, the solution automates a number of highly integrated activities that are required to achieve CSI success.

Customer/Consumer, Practitioner and Executive Surveying

This enables the deployment of predefined but highly customizable satisfaction and quality interrogation surveys which are available to identify opportunities, measure ongoing progress and confirm success from the perspective of key stakeholders.

Process Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Analysis

Automated CMM assessments allow an organization to baseline and measure process maturity improvements over time, providing additional insight into CSI opportunities and overall benefits resulting from CSI initiatives.

Practice Dashboarding

Through secure integration with any other ITSM process automation solution, ITSM Coach extracts a subset of data to generate targeted KPIs in an easy to read dashboard format. This dashboard solution is complementary to ITSM tool reporting and other 3rd-Party solutions and is not intended to replace existing or future business intelligence solutions used by an organization.

Improvement Report Cards

The Improvement Report Card functionality allows an organization to define a single index defined by 2 or more weighted KPIs, allowing for easy identification of improvements for specific CSI initiatives. KPIs may be automated if data is available, or entered manually where KPIs are calculated by other services (e.g. ITSM applications, 3rd-Party reporting etc). Reports are generated to show overall progress as well as individual KPI performance tracking.

Tactical Trees/Action Logs

Tactical Trees allow organizations to establish clear outcomes, specific tactics and key deliverables to improve performance. These are then turned into Action Logs assigned to IT or business staff to implement. Tactics can be monitored weekly to ensure improvement activities stayed on track and corrective actions taken in a timely fashion.

KPI Target Setting

ITSM Coach provides the ability to measure performance against various target types, including x times / time period (e.g. month) and comparisons of total or average values over a given period. Automated notifications provide a summary or view of progress ensuring the CSI team achieves specific targets. Reports can be annotated to identify outliers and ensure stakeholders are well informed.

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