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Equipment Loan Management

Avante customers have maximized their IT Service Management (ITSM) investment by extending its use beyond ITSM processes to support other business-critical functions such as Equipment Loan Management.

Easily catalog, track, and manage the check-in and check-out of your equipment loan pool!

  • Manage asset types and build asset profiles that meet your organizational demands.
  • Provide customers a self-service portal to submit requests and view their loan history/upcoming schedules.
  • Immediately view inventory to support requests.
  • Automate entry of common requests, confirmations, and invoicing.
  • Allocate resource and equipment usage charges and billing.

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Reservation Manager

reservation-manager-logoAvante is proud to present Reservation Manager;
a comprehensive equipment loan management application. A solution that catalogs, tracks and manages the checking in and checking out of your designated equipment loan pool.

Whether the Loan Request is on demand, recurring, or to support an event, the application’s Intelligent Scheduler ensures that equipment is never double booked. Coupled with ease of use and unparalleled flexibility (to meet your organizations specific loan management processes and equipment), Reservation Manager supports efficient request processing that is reliable!

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