Cherwell Service Management (Cherwell)

We are a Cherwell Software Preferred Partner with an unmatched scope of services and experience!

Deliver An Extraordinary ITSM Customer Experience

Cherwell Service Management® provides a customer-friendly IT self-service portal, powerful dashboards and reporting, and superior mobility to your organization—as well as implementing key ITIL® processes such as: Service Request, Incident Management, Change Management, CMDB, and much more. Deliver ease of use, flexibility, and power to your service desk customers today—at a price your organization can afford—without compromising future ITSM system scalability, expansion, and power. We’re not just your average SaaS provider—with Cherwell Choice™ licensing and hosting, you choose what works best for your business—subscription or purchase, hosted on-premises, hosted by Cherwell, or hosted by a third party. Cherwell Service Management is the IT Service Management Platform of choice for enterprise companies worldwide.

The Industry’s Best Collaborative Self-Service Portal

As an IT leader or service desk manager, maximize your limited IT resources and increase customer satisfaction with our efficient CSM IT self-service portal—our customers report up to 65% productivity increases. As your organization expands, easily consolidate multiple portals into a single site and drive higher usage levels throughout your service desk customer base.

Superior Mobility with Anytime, Anywhere Access

Rely on anytime, anywhere access via mobile browser and native iOS to manage your business—as well as your service desk. With the power of CSM, it’s like having an on-demand business GPS in your pocket—as an IT leader or service desk manager, make decisions and manage by exception from anywhere.

Truly Codeless & Completely Configurable

Highly configurable, flexible and infinitely codeless, CSM can do business the way you do business. Design and build your own advanced ITSM system and business processes to meet unique business requirements—or just order CSM out-of-the-box. As your organization grows, CSM can transform your corporate help desk into an IT service management powerhouse.

Flexible Licensing & Hosting Models

CSM licensing delivers a complete ITSM solution with intelligent concurrent licensing for all standard clients—no additional client fees, no hidden server fees, and no end-user fees. Choose the hosting model that works for you: Cherwell OnDemand™, hosted by Cherwell Software; hosted on-premises, or hosted by a third party – and change your hosting model easily at any time. We offer more than your average SaaS provider—with Cherwell Choice™ licensing and hosting, you choose what works best for your business.

What is ITSM?

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a discipline for managing information technology (IT) systems and services. ITSM recognizes that businesses require better, more productive relationships with IT.

It is no longer acceptable for IT to work independently with little or no accountability. In return, the business understands what its responsibilities are in the relationship, so that expectations can be set and IT services can be delivered at a competitive cost.


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