Jotrbox mApp


Capture, track and manage improvement suggestions with Jotrbox. Improvement suggestions are captured in Cherwell with some base information, then are assessed against your organization’s criteria for prioritization, scheduling, and management

  • Capture a list of improvements

    Seek the involvement of employees and customers. Ask for their help in identifying issues and problems that exist in your current process. Doing so creates buy-in for change.

  • Prioritize

    Use the Improvement Priority Matrix to define priority classes. Verify alignment to your organizations strategic direction, business value returned to customers, level of risk, time and cost to execute.

  • Manage
    and assign

    At various intervals; check progress, request community support, or assign ownership and tasks! Determine how successful the change has been and communicate progress to your organization.


  • Multiple Roles/Groups: Customer, Employee, Process Owner.
  • Real-Time Dashboards.
  • Submit Anonymously or Collaborate with Peers.
  • Classification and Community Support (Voting).
  • Customizable Fields, Scoring, and Weighting.
  • Bidirectional integration to Azure DevOps