Reservation Manager

Media Services Management Application

reservation-manager-logoUsed by organizations to Manage and Schedule: Equipment, Inventory, and Workload.

Avante is proud to present Reservation Manager; a comprehensive Media Services Management Application powered by Cherwell Software. Ease of use and flexibility will allow you to design a solution that best meets your needs.

Asset Management

Manage asset types and build asset profiles that meet the demands of your organization.

  • Create and manage asset types and custom profiles
  • Manage asset lifecycle
  • Align assets to specific Loan Centers

Billing and Financial Management

Manage charges and billing for resource and equipment usage.

  • Track standard charges for equipment
  • Produce invoices for equipment loans

Broad Support for Various Loan Scenarios

Support the different types of loan requirements your organization may face.

  • Equipment pickup, as well as delivery and setup
  • Accept requests for single, multiple or packaged items
  • Support onetime, as well as recurring Loan Requests
  • Support individual needs and major events

Customer Surveys

Improve your operation based on important feedback from your customer base.

  • Send surveys through Automated Business Processes
  • Collect feedback that is based on the type of loan activity

Customer Self Service

Provide easy and effective ways for customers to submit Loan Requests.

  • Accept user requests via web portals
  • Enforce loan policies and procedures at the point of request submission
  • Provide complete loan history and upcoming schedules for customers

Intelligent Scheduling and Asset Availability Checking

Feel confident the right equipment is available and is being reserved.

  • View equipment that is available to support the request
  • Have the option to select alternatives when requested equipment is not available

Support for Multiple Loan Centers

Organizations may have multiple locations from which customers can request equipment.

  • Align requests with specific Loan Centers
  • Manage equipment inventories for one or more Loan Centers

Business Process and Communication Automation

Automate key practices and routines that help you manage your operations.

  • Automate entry of common transactions and requests
  • Send automated request confirmations, reminders and late notices
  • Provide email generated invoices for equipment or resource charges

We have worked with a cross section of organizations to identify and define exactly what Managers and Support Staff need to effectively and efficiently manage Media Service Operations – overwhelmingly, feedback received is that Reservation Manager delivers!

Reservation Manager is a mApp Winner Awarded by Cherwell Software

Mergeable Applications (mApps) and Integrations make Cherwell even stronger. mApps allow users to automate manual processes, add new system capabilities and domain functionality to existing Cherwell installations.

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