Service Desk Scorecard

Engage Senior Management and Drive Actionable Improvement

Service Desk Scorecard

A Service Desk Scorecard represents a series of KPIs with their unique specifications, baselines, targets, and actual values over a timeframe. Results are exposed through dedicated performance improvement graphs, or rolling them up into a single improvement ‘value score’ based on their pre-defined weighting.

Service Desk Scorecard Activation

Activation is done across a span of 5 workshops complete with Maturity Assessments and Surveys, Tactical Tree and Action Log.

A typical activation (e.g. Service Desk and Incident Management) takes place over a 4-5 week period. This duration of time allows for the client to absorb the content and allow for dialogue with the Avante Expert Coach between workshops.

Subsequent Service Desk Scorecard activations can be compressed down to 1 to 2 weeks, depending on client availability for workshops. Some workshops can also be combined to further limit the impact to client resource scheduling.

5-Step Workshop Model


Looking for a way to track, trend, and benchmark your service desk’s performance. Take a look at the Service Desk Scorecard!

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